Mylio Photos bietet mehrere Möglichkeiten, Medien zu deiner Mylio Photos Bibliothek hinzuzufügen. Du kannst mit deiner aktuellen Ordnerstruktur arbeiten oder Fotos und Videos an einen neuen, zentralen Ort verschieben.

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Angela@Mylio schrieb: Feb 21, 2023

Hi David,

First, you’ll need to designate a device as a Vault This can be your Mac if it has enough storage space for all your photos, or it can be an external drive (separate from your Time Machine – Time Machine drives cannot be Mylio Vaults).

Next, you’ll need to connect Mylio to Apple Photos. Here is some background on how it works: and instructions to set it up:

This will download all your photos from Apple Photos to your Mylio Vault (either your Mac or an external drive). Now your photos are in your control, in addition to Apple’s proprietary system (Mylio does not remove media from Apple Photos).

From there, you can use your Time Machine to back up your computer and any connected external hard drives so you have a backup of your media.

As for your iPad and iPhone – installing Mylio on those devices is optional. If you don’t want access to your Mylio Library on those devices there is no need to install the Mylio app on your iPad or iPhone as Mylio is already connected to Apple Photos and can import all your iPad and iPhone photos directly from Apple Photos on your Mac.

David Hamby schrieb: Feb 18, 2023

I can't see the forest for the trees. Mylio's job here is to insure that I have a copy of my photos outside the Apple Photos Library that can be backed up separately in Time Machine. Over the years, switching photo editors has gotten me in various forms of proprietary photo storage hell and early images have gone missing.

I'd like to propose that Mylio add an introductory session on image management strategies that covers the common use cases. In my case, I have 3 devices keeping originals in Apple Photos with iCloud photo library on and Keep Originals on This Mac. How would I configure these in Mylio? How are the images moving around? Data flow diagrams are good. Object access diagrams are good.

My environment is this. Apple Photos on Mac, Sony Alpha 6300 imported into Photos, iPhone, iPad synching with Photos. iCloud photo library, Mac has originals.

How should I configure my iPhone and iPad in Mylio? I don't need the Mylio library on these devices and i need to reclaim storage on iPad. I always use the Mac to create products including images like iMovies, slide shows, photo books, holiday cards and such.

You folk have done an excellent manual and are an example to the industry. But you're showing me the trees. I need to see the forest, the Mylio usage strategies for use cases like that I described. You'll need to do it twice, for Fruity things and for Androids. But only twice as 2 or more phones or 2 or more tablets not unusual.

I also use Luminar Neo. Every day editing is via Luminar Neo functioning as a LightRoom Plugin called from Photos.

For fancy stuff, I put the image in Luminar Neo's catalog and work with it there. For example, I put HDR bracket sets in Luminar Catalog and run the HDR tools from Luminar. Photos is unable to call the HDR tools.

Good that you backup Luminar products! There's probably a Lightroom analog and a Capture 1 analog.