The Open With command in Mylio Photos allows access to any photo editing application installed on your computer.

To edit a photo with an external editor:

  1. Select a photo or group of photos then go to the Photo Menu in the operating system menu bar. Mouse over Open With then choose the editing application you wish to use.

  1. If your photo’s original-quality version is unavailable locally on your device, Mylio Photos will attempt to download it.
    • If the original-quality version is unavailable, Mylio Photos will display a list of devices that contain the original and ask you to connect to one of them.

  1. Choose the File Options for the images you wish to edit, then click Continue.
    • Edit Original – Edit the original file and ignore any edits that were made in Mylio Photos.
      • Prefer RAW file if available – If you have RAW + JPEG pairs, selecting this option will open the RAW version of the file when available.
    • Open a copy with Mylio Photos Adjustments – Apply Mylio Photos adjustments to a copy of the image, and send the edited version to your external editor of choice.
      • Image Type – Specify the file type you’d like to edit. Choose from JPEG, PNG, or TIFF. Click here to learn more about image types.
      • Color Space – Specify the color space you’d like to edit with. Choose from sRGB, Display P3, Adobe RGB, and ProPhoto RGB.
      • Bit Depth – Specify the bit depth you like to edit with. Choose from 8-bit, 16-bit, or Auto.

  1. Edit as desired with the selected application. When you’re finished, choose Save As or Export, give your edited photo a unique file name, then save the edited photo to the same folder as the Original. Mylio Photos will see the new version and add it to your library automatically.

Application Not Listed in Open With Menu

Working with Other Applications on macOS

If you don’t see the application you’d like to use in the Open With menu, choose Other…. Navigate to the application using Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, then choose Open.

Working with Other Applications on Windows

To add an application to the Open With menu on Windows:

  1. Right-click on a file you’d like to edit and choose Reveal In > Explorer.

  1. Right-click on the file in Windows Explorer and choose Open With > Choose Another App.

  1. Navigate to the application you’d like to use and select it. You may need to browse More apps or Look for Another App on this PC.

  1. The next time you use the Open With command in Mylio Photos, the selected application will appear in the list for all files with the same extension (e.g. if the file you selected in step 1 was a .arw, all .arw files will show the selected application as an option in the Open With menu.)

Using an External Editor with a Catalog/Editing History

Mylio Photos cannot see edits made in external photo applications. Edits must be exported from external editors to be visible in Mylio Photos. If you prefer to make use of a third-party catalog to preserve your edit history and want to see your edits in Mylio Photos, you can export a JPG Display Copy for Mylio Photos.

Creating a display copy:

  1. From the external application, use the Export or Save As command to create a JPG and append _display to the file name (i.e., photo1.jpg would become photo1_display.jpg).
  2. Save this file to the same folder as the Original photo file. Mylio Photos will stack the Display Copy and show the edited version in your Mylio Photos Library.

If you need to refine your edits or export a full-resolution copy of your photo from your external editor, open the application you used for editing and export directly from that application.


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