The Actions Menu dynamically changes based on the current view and what (if any) media is selected. It contains common commands and can be accessed from the Actions Menu icon (three horizontal lines in the bottom-right corner of the application window), or by right-clicking on a selection.


  • All – Select all media in the currently open view.
  • None – Deselect all previously selected media.


  • Share – Share selected files to social media, email, export to disk, and more.
  • Duplicate – Create duplicate copies of selected media.
  • Copy – Copy selection (text or image) to the system clipboard.

Rescan Faces – Rescan an image for any recognizable faces. This is particularly useful if a face you wish to tag was previously marked Ignore.

Add to Mylio Clipboard – Add selected media to the Mylio Clipboard.

Add to Album – Add selected media to an existing or new album.

Move to Album (Albums View) – Move selected media from one Album to another.

New Album… (Albums View) – Create a new Album.

Rename Album (Albums View) – Change the name of the selected Album.

Delete Album (Albums View) – Permanently delete the selected Album(s) from Mylio Photos. Images contained in these albums will NOT be deleted and can be found in the All Photos or Folders views.

Move to Folder – Move the selected media to a different folder. Moving media between folders in Mylio Photos will physically move those files in your computer’s file system.

New Folder with Selected Items (Folders View) – Create a new folder and place all currently selected media into the new folder.

Show folder as Calendar Event… (Folders View) – Create a Calendar Event with the currently selected folder.

Remove Folder (Folders View) – Removes the selected folder from Mylio Photos, but does NOT delete the folder from the file system.

Delete Folder (Folders View) – Permanently deletes the selected folder from Mylio Photos and the file system.

New Event (Calendar View) – Create a new Event.

New event from selected file dates – Create a new event using the Timestamp(s) of the currently selected media.

Open with… – Open the selected media in the most recently used external editor.

Rename File – Change the file name(s) for the selected media.

Remove file from Album (Albums View) – Removes the selected media from an Album. Images removed from an Album will NOT be deleted and can be found in the All Photos or Folders views.

Delete File – Permanently deletes the selected media from Mylio Photos and the file system.

Show In

  • Folder – Show the selected media in its home folder.
  • Finder/Explorer – Show the selected media in your file system’s Finder (macOS) or Explorer (Windows).
  • External – Show the selected media in an attached Vault device.
  • Calendar – Show the selected media in the Calendar view.

Set Cover

  • Folder – Set the selected photo as the cover image for a folder.
  • Album – Set the selected photo as the cover image for an album.
  • Event – Set the selected photo as the cover image for an Event.


  • Previews – If your device’s sync policy is set to show Thumbnails only, choose Download Previews to view a higher-quality version of your image.
  • Originals – If your device’s sync policy is set to Auto Optimize, or Show Previews Only, choose Download Originals to view the original quality version of your image.

Remove GPS from … media (Map View) – Remove all GPS data from selected media.

Edit location for … media (Map View) – Change the GPS location data for selected media.

New Person (People View) – Add an album for a new person you wish to tag.

Rename Person (People View) – Edit the name of a previously tagged person.

Delete Person (People View) – Delete Person will remove the album for that person and remove all tags for that person from all photos.

Locate Missing Folder (Folders View) – If a folder is listed as missing and was moved to a different location in your file system, you can use Locate Missing Folder to find and re-associate that folder with your Mylio Photos Library.

More Folder Actions… (Folders View)

  • Organize Folders – Consolidate folders by automatically grouping photos and videos based on their metadata.
  • Rename Files – Batch rename a group of photos.
  • Scan for Changes – Prompt Mylio Photos to rescan the selected folder for changes in the file system.

Undo: – Undo the most recent action.

Redo: – Redo the most recent action.


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