Mylio Photos’ interface on desktop devices offers six key sections:

  • Navigation Bar
  • Views
  • Details Panel
  • Quick Actions Bar
  • Image Window
  • Dashboard

Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar contains several icons that point you to some of Mylio Photos’ most important tools and features.

Navigate back – Clicking the back arrow will take you to the previous folder, album, or image.

Search – Clicking the magnifying glass icon allows you to search through your photos and folders using keywords, ratings, people, map locations, recent imports, and pinned searches.

Filter – Clicking the funnel icon opens the Filter bar allowing you to seperate and view images by a wide variety of criteria including Date, Type, Categories, People, Rating, Camera, and more.

Add Media – Clicking the Add Media icon allows you to import photos, videos, and documents from your computer, external hard drive, camera, memory card, online service, and more.

Notifications – Clicking the Notifications icon will display completed tasks or issues you should be aware of.

Activities – Clicking the Activities icon will display any processes currently running in Mylio Photos. When a process is running, the icon will be highlighted with a blue ring to show the progress of the latest activity. If there are no active processes, the ring will be grey.

Devices – Clicking the Devices icon will take you to the Devices section of the Dashboard view. At a glance, the Devices icon will display a green checkmark if your devices are currently in sync, or blue rotating arrows showing a sync is currently in process, along with the number of media remaining to sync.

Help – Clicking the Help icon puts the most important resources for assistance at your fingertips.

More menu – Clicking the More menu icon (three vertical dots in the upper-right corner) allows you to access Mylio Photos’ main Settings and other options.


Mylio Photos’ Views provide different ways to explore your media. Each View focuses on a different way to interact with your photos.

All Photos – The All Photos view shows every photo in your Mylio Photos Library.

Calendar – The Calendar view organizes your library based on when a photo was taken and displays your photos on a calendar. It can also highlight specific events from your life and take you directly to an album from that event.

Map – The Map view organizes photos based on where a photo was taken and displays them by location on a world map. Mylio Photos does this automatically for photos that have GPS metadata.

People – The People view helps organize your library based on who is in the photo by automatically creating albums for each person you tag. As you start tagging the people in your photos, Mylio Photos’ facial recognition will help you tag them in future photos.

Albums – The Albums view allows you to group and organize photos without affecting their location on your hard drive. Albums are virtual storage locations, like a playlist for your photos. One photo can be assigned to multiple albums.

Folders – The Folders view represents how your folders are organized on your hard drive and connected external drives.

Dashboard – The Dashboard view shows Notifications, Actions, Devices, Library stats, and Help topics. Click here to learn more about the Dashboard.

Details Panel

Mylio Photos’ Details Panel lets you manage and edit a variety of parameters for your photos and videos.

Info – The Info Panel lets you view and manage information about your photos including title, captions, date, keywords, categories, location, and other metadata.

Map – The Map Panel allows you to view location information or assign a new location to a photo or set of photos.

Edit – The Edit Panel lets you edit photos and includes an auto-enhance option, stylized presets, and other adjustments to make your photo look its best.

Sync – The Sync panel gives an overview of your connected devices and any sync activity. Click here for a detailed overview of the Sync Panel.

Quick Actions Bar

The Quick Actions Bar contains icons that put many of Mylio Photos’ most useful tools at your fingertips.

Rating & Tagging – Clicking on the Rating & Tagging icon will expand the Rating bar and allows you to easily tag photos with star ratings, color labels, and flags.

Share Selected Items – Clicking the Share Selected Items icon allows you to easily share your photos to email, social media, export to disk, print, and more.

Face Tagging – Clicking the Face Tagging icon in Single Photo View will display a circle around each face that Mylio Photos has found and allow you to tag or approve each person in a photo.

Batch Tagging – Clicking the Batch Tagging icon in Grid View launches the Batch Tagging interface where you can quickly approve or reject Face Tags for multiple images.

Edit – Clicking the Edit icon opens the Edit Panel and gives you access to Mylio Photos’ essential editing tools to improve color, detail, and more.

Rotate Left – Clicking the Rotate icon will rotate selected images 90 degrees to the left.

Delete Selected Items – Clicking the Delete Selected Icons icon will permanently remove selected photos from your Mylio Photos Library and the file system on all devices.

Add New – Clicking the Plus Sign (+) icon adds a new Folder, Album, Event, or Person depending on your selected View.

Show/Hide Details Panel – Opens and closes the Details Panel.

Zoom – The Zoom slider allows you to adjust the size of the information being displayed. Use it to adjust the size of the grid, zoom in or out on a map, or an individual image.

Clipboard – Clicking the Clipboard icon opens the Mylio Clipboard, a temporary storage space that’s convenient for copying and pasting media in Mylio Photos.

Actions Menu – Clicking the Actions Menu icon (three lines in the bottom-right corner) displays a series of actions you can take with your current selection. This includes selecting, moving, deleting, and adding photos to an album and much more. The Actions Menu can also be accessed by right-clicking on a selection.

Image Window

The Image Window is the primary space for viewing your photos and videos in Mylio Photos.

Grid View – Displays multiple photos in a grid.

Single Photo View – Displays a single photo on the screen with an optional Filmstrip below.

Filmstrip – Displays a strip of images along the bottom of the screen showing all the images in the currently selected album or folder. Enable the Filmstrip from the More menu in the Navigation Bar.


Mylio Photos’ Dashboard is the hub for controlling your devices, syncing, and other important tasks.

Notifications – The Notifications section displays completed tasks or issues you should be aware of, similar to clicking on the Notifications icon in the Navigation Bar.

Actions – The Actions section displays shortcuts to common actions including Add Files, Find Duplicates, Add Device, and Tag Faces, along with any recommended actions such as adding a Vault to protect your photos or adding your first set of images.

Devices – The Devices section displays a Device Card for each of the devices you have connected to your Mylio Account. The Device card shows the sync status for each device. Clicking on a Device card will open options for adjusting sync policies and other device settings.

Library Stats – The Library Stats section displays an overview of the media in your Mylio Photos Library including the People you have named and tagged, Places, File Types, Cameras, Lenses, Keywords, and Recent Media Additions.

Help and more – The Help section puts the most important resources for assistance at your fingertips, similar to clicking on the Help icon in the Navigation Bar. Learn about Mylio Photos, visit the Mylio Website, and learn What’s New in the latest version.


Device Card – Each device you add to Mylio Photos is shown on its own Device Card. The Device Card shows the sync status for each device. Clicking on a Device Card will open options for adjusting sync policies, viewing Linked Folders, and more.

Sync Status Icons – Each Device Card shows the sync status for each device using specific icons.

  • Green Checkmark – This device is online and in sync.
  • Green Down Arrow – This device is receiving images.
  • Green Up Arrow – This device is sending images to another device.
  • Grey Down Arrow – This device is off-line and needs to sync.
  • Grey Checkmark – This device is off-line and in sync.

Device Details – Device Details displays information about your selected device, the currently installed version of Mylio Photos, and the size of your Library.

Sync Details – Sync Details displays additional information about the sync status for the selected device. Users can click on Device Quality to adjust the sync policy or on Lost Originals to locate files that have become disconnected from the Mylio Photos Library.

Sources – Sources lets you view all Linked Folders syncing with your Mylio Photos Library, with the option to add additional Linked Folders.

Storage Info – Storage Info displays the size of your Mylio Photos Library, along with the amount of space being used by Mylio Photos on the selected device.

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