The More Menu allows you access to Mylio Photos’ main settings and lets you change how your photos are viewed. The More Menu has different options depending on what View you’re currently in and can be accessed from the More Menu icon (three horizontal dots) in the upper-right corner of the application window.

Sort By – Adjust the sorting order of visible images in grid view by choosing from the options below:

  • Name – Sort visible media alphabetically by file name.
  • Date Created – Sort visible media by the date it was created.
  • Rating – Sort visible media by the star rating assigned to the photo.
  • First Name – Sort albums for each tagged person by First Name in the People View.
  • Last Name – Sort albums for each tagged person by Last Name in the People View.
  • Ascending – Sort visible media from A to Z (Name), oldest to newest (Date Created), or zero-stars to five-stars (Rating).
  • Descending – Sort visible media from Z to A (Name), newest to oldest (Date Created), or five-stars to zero-stars (Rating).

Grid Style – Adjust how photos are shown in Grid View by choosing from the options below:

  • Square – Displays each thumbnail in a uniform square, while preserving the image’s native aspect ratio.
  • Tile – Displays each thumbnail in a zoom-to-fit uniform square.
  • Fluid – A dynamic layout that scales each thumbnail, and displays a preview in the image’s native aspect ratio.

Annotations – Show or hide specific information about your photos on the Grid View thumbnail by choosing from the options below:

  • Show Rating, Color Label, and Flag – Displays a star rating, color label, or flag annotation on images that have been rated.
  • Show Title – Displays the image Title as an overlay on the grid thumbnail. If an image title has not been specified, the file name will be displayed instead.
  • Show Caption – Displays the image Caption as an overlay on the grid thumbnail.
  • Show Date – Displays the Date Created Timestamp as an overlay on the grid thumbnail.
  • Show Fuzzy Date – Displays an approximately equal symbol as an annotation on images that are marked as undated or have been assigned a date range.
  • GPS – Displays a GPS pin annotation on images that contain GPS data.
  • Show Unsupported Files – Displays a JPEG annotation for RAW+JPG pairs when the RAW file is unsupported, and Prefer RAW when available is toggled ON (under Settings > General).

Filmstrip – Show or hide the filmstrip.

Show Fuzzy Dated Items – Show or hide images in the Calendar (day view) that have been assigned an approximate date or marked as Undated.

Map Style – Adjust how photos are shown in Map View by choosing from the options below:

  • Standard – Displays a standard map.
  • Satellite Hybrid – Displays a satellite view map with standard map markings.
  • Topographical – Displays a map that indicates the features of the land’s surface, such as valleys, mountains, and hills.

Zoom to Face – When ON, images will automatically zoom in on the person tagged in an image. When OFF, the entire image will be displayed.

Hide Unconfirmed Faces – Mylio Photos uses Auto-tag to automatically group similar faces with people you have previously tagged. Turning this option ON will hide all unconfirmed faces from a person’s album.

Tap to Sync – Enabling Tap to Sync from the Folders View allows you to easily adjust the Sync Policy for Folders to override the Sync Policy on a specific device. This allows you to customize the quality settings of individual folders for each of your devices.

Show all photos – By default, the Folders View will display all top-level folders added to Mylio Photos. Toggling Show all photos to ON will hide the folder structure and display the contents of all visible folders in grid view.

Show media in “folder name” – Selecting Show media in… will display the contents of the selected folder in a grid view.

Show Getting Started – When ON, the Getting Started category in the Dashboard will be available and can help you move through common setup actions with Mylio Photos.

Play Slideshow – Enter slideshow mode to play visible media as a slideshow.

Show Filename in Title – Show or hide the file name in the Navigation Bar Title.

Settings – Choosing Settings in the More menu allows you to access Mylio Photos’ main settings.

Help – Choosing Help in the More menu puts the most important resources for assistance at your fingertips.


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