Mylio Photos 22.0 includes a major improvement in the way that media from the iCloud Photo Library and the Android Media Library are handled.

In earlier versions of Mylio, the recommended setup specified that users should choose a single source for their iCloud Photo Library or Android Media Library images – either their computer or a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or iPad). If Mylio was importing media from more than one camera roll-connected device, that media would be duplicated in their Mylio Photos Library.

Mylio Photos 22.0 fixes this issue, and allows the user to import media from all of their iCloud Photo Library-connected and Android Media Library-connected devices without creating duplicates.

For users coming from earlier versions of Mylio, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to continue importing media from your iCloud Photo Library and Android Media Library device(s).

  1. Download and Install the latest version of Mylio Photos 22 to all of your Mylio Photos-connected devices and allow each device to fully sync.
    • Note that your Apple Photos folder will be renamed Old Apple Photos and a new Apple Photos folder will be automatically created.
    • Note that your Android Photos folder will be renamed Old Android Photos and a new Android Photos folder will be automatically created.
  1. From a computer or tablet with access to all Originals, open the Dashboard, select Actions, and choose Find Duplicates.

  1. Click the Filter icon and choose Folder.
  2. Click the + Filtered Folder button and choose the Old Apple Photos folder or Old Android Photos folder.

  1. Under Scan Scope, choose Entire Library.

  1. Click the Auto-Check button.
  2. Click + Add a folder duplicates may be in and choose Apple Photos or Android Photos. The Apple Photos folder or Android Photos folder will be added to the top of the Auto-Check list with the option to Keep or Remove. Choose Keep.

  1. Disable all other Auto-Check options except Keep Only One Copy by clicking the checkmark next to each item.

  1. Click the Run Auto-Check button. Mylio Photos will automatically select the duplicate images that need to be removed or deleted.
  2. Review the list of duplicate sets. Only images from the Old Apple Photos folder or Old Android Photos folder will be marked for removal or deletion.

  1. When you’re ready, click the Delete Checked or Move Checked button to complete the deduplication process.
    • Move Checked lets you move all duplicates from your Mylio Library Folder and place them in a separate folder outside of your Mylio Photos Library to review later. These images will be removed from your Mylio Photos Library on all of your devices, but will not be deleted from your computer.
    • Delete Checked permanently deletes the selected duplicate files from your computer and all synced Mylio Devices. This action cannot be undone.


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Angela Andrieux wrote: Oct 11, 2022

Hi Nong - Absolutely! Check out this section of the manual for information on finding and removing duplicate images:

Nong wrote: Oct 10, 2022

I have a lot of duplicate files to delete. Is there anyway to delete a lot at the same time?

Angela Andrieux wrote: Jul 21, 2022

Hi Amanda - At the moment there isn’t a way to ignore a set of duplicates to keep them from appearing in the duplicate list. However, I can see how that would be helpful! I invite you to add it as a feature request at This allows other Mylio Photos users to vote on the features they’d like to see and is monitored closely by our product team.

Amanda wrote: Jul 21, 2022

Is there an option to choose "ignore this set" or these duplicates (some of them are intentional or not true duplicates and I'd like for them to not keep coming up as duplicates).

Angela Andrieux wrote: Jun 16, 2022

Hi Curtis - If you have folders for Old Android Photos and Old Apple Photos, you’ll run this process twice – once for each folder. This should be done on your computer with access to all original images. You will not need to repeat the process on your mobile devices.

Curtis Jackson wrote: Jun 16, 2022

I am unclear on what is meant when the instructions say to choose [Old] Apple Photos or Android Photos. I keep my main library on my Mac, and also run Mylio on my iPad and my Android phone. Do I perform this entire procedure twice, once choosing Apple Photos and once choosing Android Photos?

Angela Andrieux wrote: Jun 15, 2022

Hi David - Moving your photos into folders inside Mylio Photos is directly connected to the folders on your computer – meaning when you move it in Mylio Photos, it is also moved in your file system.

If you prefer to leave your folder structure as-is, but still want to group images from events together, I recommend using Albums or Events.

More info on Albums:
More info on Events:

Angela Andrieux wrote: Jun 15, 2022

Hi Geoff - Absolutely! Visit this section of the manual for instructions:

Geoff wrote: Jun 14, 2022

My Mylio library has many duplicates in other folders. Can a similar process be followed to identify and move these out of Mylio (or delete them entirely)

David Martin wrote: Jun 14, 2022

I have moved many photos from the Apple Photos (now Old Apple Photos) folder to folders for particular events. How do I handle this and maintain my folder structure?

Susan Enfield wrote: Jun 10, 2022

The same instructions apply, Andrew. Thanks for your question!

Andrew Layman wrote: Jun 10, 2022

I use iPhone but do not sync my photos to iCloud. (I sync to OneDrive.). What instructions apply to me?