Mylio Photos places the Mylio System Folder in your computer’s User directory by default. This setup is ideal for most users, but there are circumstances where a user may want or need to move the Mylio System Folder to a secondary internal hard drive or external hard drive.

Example 1:

A user has a desktop computer with two internal hard drives. The primary hard drive with their User folder is an SSD drive with minimal storage. The second hard drive is a standard HDD with ample storage space.

The user discovers that the Mylio System Folder is taking up too much space on the small SSD drive and would prefer to move the Mylio System Folder to the larger HDD.

Example 2:

A user has a laptop computer with limited storage space on the internal drive. They also have a portable hard drive with additional storage space that is always carried with the laptop.

The user discovers that the Mylio System Folder is taking too much space on the internal hard drive and would prefer to move the Mylio System Folder to the external drive.

  1. Quit Mylio Photos.
  2. Locate the Mylio System Folder. By default, this will be in your User folder at Users/~username/Mylio.
    • On Windows, open File Explorer, select the user, and locate the Mylio folder. (Windows users may also see a .Mylio_Catalog folder. This folder must remain on your computer for the Mylio Photos application to properly function.)
    • On macOS, open Finder, click the Go menu in the top menu bar, and select Home. Select the user and locate the Mylio folder.

  1. Move the Mylio folder to your desired location.
  1. Once the folder has been moved, ensure that the original Mylio folder is no longer in your user folder. If it is, delete or rename it.
  2. Open Mylio Photos. Use the displayed Windows Explorer or macOS Finder window to navigate to the new location of your Mylio System Folder. Click the Mylio folder to select it, then click the button to Select Folder.
  3. Mylio Photos will scan the new location and link your files. The next time you open Mylio Photos, it will remember the new location automatically.


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Mylio Support wrote: Nov 16, 2023

Hello Jim,

The existing Mylio folder is renamed "Mylio.old" intentionally and a new folder is created when you Factory Reset a device. It is not recommended to rename the old folder. If that folder contains any files you want added to your library they should be re-imported; otherwise the entire folder can just be deleted.

Jim R wrote: Nov 13, 2023

I have a mylio folder in my user folder. I did a reset to reinstall and now I have a mylio.old and a mylio folder. I have not added files imported pictures yet? Should I just delete my mylio folder and rename mylio.old to mylio?