Device Settings let you customize how each device on your account is set up.

To customize settings for a specific device:

  1. Open Mylio and select the Dashboard view and choose Devices.
  2. Click or tap on a device to open Device Settings.

  1. Customize these settings to best fit each device and your personal workflow.

The list below gives an overview of each available Device Settings option.

  • Device Nickname – Click into the text field next to the device icon to change the Device Nickname.
  • Device Quality – Opening Device Quality allows you to view and change the photo quality settings for images and files synced to your device.
  • Lost Originals – Opening Lost Originals will show a Thumbnail or Preview for any image or file that does not have a corresponding Original in your Library. (This setting is hidden if there are no lost or missing files.) Lost Originals are caused when the Original version of a file is deleted outside of Mylio before it was fully synced.
  • Unsupported Files – Opening Unsupported Files will locate all files on a selected device that Mylio does not support. Typically, these are Raw files from a camera that is not supported by Mylio.
  • Show Files to Sync – Opening Show Files to Sync will display media that is currently waiting to sync to that device. (This setting is hidden if all files have been successfully synced.)
  • Linked Folders – Opening Linked Folders will show the top-level folders in your Library that live on this device.
  • Device Storage – Opening Device Storage lets you view available free space on your device as well as the space that is being used by Mylio.
    • Minimum Free Space – Automatically or manually set the minimum storage amount you want kept free on the selected device.
  • Clear Cache – If the quality setting for your device is Auto Optimized or you’ve changed the sync policy for a device, there may be Previews and/or Thumbnails that are no longer needed. Clicking the Clear Cache button will remove the unnecessary file, freeing up storage space on your device. You can selectively decide which type of cached files to remove – Previews or Originals – as well.
  • Safe Delete – Safe Delete guards against data loss if photos and video files are deleted outside of Mylio and will attempt to restore the deleted file from another device that has the Original. This option is ON by default to protect you from erasing images from your Mylio Library. However, you may want to turn it OFF if you plan to clean up unwanted files outside of Mylio to reclaim disk space.
  • Unregister Device – Unregistering a device will remove it completely from Mylio. Do not choose this option unless you are absolutely sure.

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Susan schrieb: May 20, 2022

Need more detail on Device Storage. What is: Other? Mylio Growth? Unfulfilled Free Space? etc. Why can't I turn on Auto Manage once I've adjusted Minimum Free Space? Etc.