Mylio Photos+ is a complete solution where you can connect your computer, phone, tablet, and hard drives into a single photo library, browse all your photos from any device, and keep your most important memories automatically backed up to multiple hard drives to protect against the loss or failure of a device.

  • Add protection to your Mylio Photos Library with hard drives designated as Vaults to protect against device loss or failure.
  • Add optional cloud storage to protect your photos with encrypted offsite backup.
  • Use Optimized Images to hold up to 15X more photos on a device. Files are sized for everyday use, can contain raw photo information and metadata, and are fully editable.
  • Sync images or folders between devices on-demand to securely transfer full-quality photos.

Start by adding additional devices to your Mylio Photos+ account. These can include viewing devices such as your phone, tablet, or even another computer. You can add storage devices like external drives, NAS devices, or cloud services. Once added, you can browse your library from any viewing device and designate storage devices as Vaults to back up and protect your library.

What is a Vault?

A Vault is any device that contains your entire Mylio Photos Library. This includes full-resolution original files, XMP files (metadata), and your Mylio Photos catalog containing all organization information you’ve added to the Mylio Photos application.

Designating a device, such as an external hard drive, as a Vault is a great way to consolidate your media collection into a central location. However, having a single Vault device does not automatically create a backup copy of your Originals. To back up and better protect your files, we recommend using a 3-2-1 backup strategy:

  • Three copies of your data
  • Two local copies on different storage devices
  • One offsite copy (usually a cloud service or storage device)

A second copy protects you from hardware failure, and a third offsite copy protects you from catastrophic loss, such as theft or natural disaster. For example, you could have two external hard drives designated as Vaults at home connected to your computer and a third copy on a cloud service or an external drive connected to your computer at work.

When choosing a device to serve as a Vault, it’s essential to consider the size of your Mylio Photos Library. A Vault can be any device or cloud service with enough space to store your entire Mylio Photos Library. Popular options include external hard drives, NAS devices, RAID (redundant array of independent disks), and cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive. Learn more about data storage options here.

Adding A Vault

Adding a Vault is as simple as adding a new device. When you add a storage device, such as an external drive or NAS, Mylio Photos+ will analyze the drive and recommend a sync policy preset based on the size of your library and the available storage on the device you’re adding. If the device has adequate storage for your entire library, the application will recommend setting it up as a Vault.

When you add a viewing device, such as a computer or tablet, the default sync policy preset is SpaceSaver, which means that Mylio Photos+ will attempt to use the storage space as efficiently as possible by saving Optimized Images to that device rather than full-quality original files. However, if your device (such as a computer with a lot of storage space) has enough room for your library, you can change the sync policy to Vault in the Dashboard.

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