Metadata is descriptive information that tells you more about your photos, videos, and documents. It can include details like who took the picture, what camera was used, and when it was taken. Your camera automatically adds some of this data. You can also add details like keywords, copyright info, ratings, and more.

Mylio Photos uses this metadata to help you quickly sort and find your photos. It reads the details automatically added by your camera and any info you’ve added. You can then search for images using these details, making it quick and easy to find precisely what you’re looking for. Metadata can be managed from the Info Panel:

  • On a computer or tablet, click the info icon at the top of the right sidebar to reveal the right panel and access the Info Panel.
  • On a Phone, tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right corner to access the More menu and choose Info Panel. You can also swipe up from the filmstrip or toolbar at the bottom of the screen to view the Info Panel in single photo view.

The Info Panel displays different information depending on your selection (e.g., a single image, multiple files, a Folder, an Album, etc.). If multiple images are selected, Mylio Photos will display consistent metadata between the selected images.

Metadata Available in the Info Panel

Understanding XMP Files

XMP files (extensible metadata platform) are an industry-standard format for holding additional information about your photos. XMP files are stored as sidecar files next to the image they reference in your file system and ensure ratings, keywords, face tags, and other information can be seamlessly exchanged with professional editing tools. If you subscribe to Mylio Photos+, XMP files are also used to keep information about your files in-sync between your connected devices.

XMP files may contain:

  • Edits
  • Keywords
  • Labels and Ratings
  • Face-recognition tags
  • Geolocation tags
  • and more

Embedding Metadata to a JPG

Mylio Photos’ Save Metadata to File feature allows you to embed JPG image files with metadata, including EXIF data (from the camera), descriptions, keywords, star ratings, copyright, IPTC creator fields, face tags, and places.

  1. Select the photo(s) you wish to embed with metadata.
  2. Go to the Photo menu in the operating system menu bar and choose Save Metadata to File. Mylio will apply changes stored in the XMP file directly to the image file.

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Angela@Mylio wrote: May 20, 2024

Hi Fred - Please do not delete the XMP files. This is where Mylio Photos stores your photos’ metadata and any changes you’ve made in Mylio Photos. Deleting these files can cause catalog corruption and loss of important changes you’ve made to your photos.

XMP Files are very small and take up very little storage space. They are also required for Mylio Photos to work properly.

Fred Dworacek wrote: May 20, 2024

I want do delete ALL the xmp files