Spaces can be modified in various ways to fit your personal workflow, from assigning Passcodes to specifying the permissions and tools available in each Space. For information on configuring Spaces for sharing with a trusted collaborator, click here.

Creating and Managing Your Master Passcode

The first time you click Manage Spaces you’ll be asked to create a 4-digit Master Passcode, and you’ll be asked to enter that code each time you open the Manage Spaces dialog.

Enabling Passcodes for Individual Spaces

Toggling the switch next to Enable Passcodes in the Manage Spaces dialog allows you to turn off passcodes globally for all Spaces on that device, even if you have passcodes set for individual Spaces. This can be useful if you are the only person using that device and prefer to work without entering a passcode upon entering or exiting various Spaces.

Hiding Spaces

Mylio Photos includes several pre-loaded Spaces, including Personal, Public, Everything, Guest, and Private. Mylio Photos+ subscribers can access additional Spaces for Family and Work, or create Custom Spaces for specific projects or purposes.

All pre-loaded Spaces and any Custom Spaces are visible when clicking the Spaces icon but can be hidden if you prefer not to use them.

  1. Click the Spaces icon in the left sidebar, and select Manage Spaces.
  2. Enter your Master Passcode.
  3. Toggle the switch next to any Space you wish to hide to the OFF position, then click the Activate button.

Editing a Space

Several options exist for customizing Spaces in Mylio Photos, including enabling a Passcode specifying which views and tools are available in that Space. To edit a Space, click the Space name and the Edit button.

Space Name
  • Pre-loaded Spaces (Family, Family History, Personal, Public, Work, Everything, Guest, and Private) cannot be renamed.
  • Custom Spaces can be renamed by typing any changes into the Name field.

Passcode Protect

Any Space can be protected with a Passcode. This means that when Passcodes are enabled (using the toggle at the top of the Manage Spaces dialog), a 4-digit number must be entered to enter that Space.

By default, Passcodes are OFF. To enable a Passcode, choose Master Passcode Required or Space Passcode Required and enter a unique 4-digit code for use when accessing that Space. For an additional level of security, you can toggle the switch next to Require Passcode to Exit to the ON position to force users to enter a passcode when leaving that Space.


Category-based QuickCollections can be added to Custom Spaces to display specifically defined media sets in that Space. From the Edit Space dialog, click QuickCollections.

  • To add a QuickCollection, click on Add a QuickCollection to Your Space. Select a QuickCollection, then click the Add button.
  • To remove a QuickCollection, click the next to the QuickCollection name.
  • When you’re finished, click the back arrow to return to the Edit Space dialog.

Manage Views & Tools

One of the benefits of using Spaces is the ability to control the Views and tools available in each Space. This can be helpful if you’re sharing your library with a family member who isn’t very familiar with Mylio Photos or if you prefer a less cluttered workspace for a specific project.

From the Edit Space dialog, click Manage Views & Tools. All options are checked by default, meaning all Views and Tools are visible when the selected Space is active. If you wish to hide one or more Views or Tools, uncheck the box next to each one.

Check the box next to each View or Tool you want visible, then uncheck any you wish to hide for the selected Space. By default, images shown in the Folders view will be limited by the Category and QuickCollections applied to that Space. However, if you prefer to show all media in the Folders view (including media marked Private), check the box next to Show ALL images in Folder view..

When finished, click the back arrow to return to the Edit Space dialog.


Permissions for Spaces control how users interact with photos, videos, and documents when a Space is active. This includes modifying or deleting files, editing, sharing, and more. From the Edit Space dialog, click Permissions.

All permissions are ON by default, meaning users in that Space can add, modify, or delete Files, Folders, Albums, People, and Events. You can uncheck the box next to each option to disable all changes or twirl down the arrow icon next to each item to specify Add, Modify, or Delete.

Files & Folders

  • Add will allow users in that Space to add and import new media.
  • Modify will allow users in that Space to move them between folders, duplicate files, rename, etc.
  • Delete will allow users in that Space to permanently delete files and folders.

Albums, People, and Events

  • Add will allow users in that Space to create new Albums, add new People tags, and add new Events.
  • Modify will allow users in that Space to change existing Albums, tagged People, and Events.
  • Delete will allow users in that Space to permanently delete Albums, tagged People, and Events.

Other Permissions

  1. Twirl down the arrow icon next to Allow Modification to adjust how metadata can be changed. Options include Modify File Information, Allow Rating, Allow Face Tagging, Modify Keywords, Modify Categories or Modify Locations. Uncheck each box for functions you wish to disable for the selected Space.
  2. If desired, Uncheck each box for *Allow Photo Editing

Creating a Custom Space with Mylio Photos+

Custom Spaces are extraordinarily flexible and can be designed to fit many projects or purposes. For example, a Custom Space could be used for sharing your Mylio Photos+ account with a family member or creating a focused workspace for a specific task, such as editing photos or focusing on a family history project.

When creating a custom Space, you can apply a User Role Preset to apply commonly used settings and permissions for a Child, Teen, Viewer, Family History Collaborator, Coworker, Coworker (trusted), or Photo Manager. These settings can be used as-is or applied as a starting point and customized to fit unique needs.

Preset Description Passcode Required Categories Visible
Child Designed to allow a child to view family photos and import new media from their device. Yes Family, Family History
Teen Designed to allow teens to view, add, or modify family photos, including adding new media from their devices. Yes Family, Family History
Viewer Designed to allow a family member a simplified, view-only experience. Yes Family
Family History Collaborator Designed for those working on a family history project to allow access to family history photos and to add or modify metadata. Yes Family History
Coworker Designed for those working together, allowing a simplified view with permission to edit and share. Yes Work
Coworker (trusted) Designed for those working together, allowing a more expanded collaboration for viewing, editing, and sharing. Yes Work
Photo Manager Designed to assign to a professional photo manager or trusted administrator with full file access, except for those marked Private. Yes Public

In the example below, we’ll create a Custom Space for a family history project.

  1. Add the Family History category to any folder that contains scanned photos and documents related to ancestry and family history.
  2. Click the Spaces icon in the left sidebar, and select Manage Spaces.
  3. Enter your Master Passcode.
  4. Click the Add button to create a new Space.
  5. Enter a name for your Space. In this example, we’ll name it Family History Project.
  6. Under User Role, choose Family History Collaborator.
  7. Adjust the settings for Passcode Protect, QuickCollections, Manage Views & Tools and Permissions options as desired, then click Save.


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